16 long years in the making for Lewis Hamilton’s maiden win at Spa

Lewis Hamilton last month climbed one step closer to becoming only the third driver to win five world championships by winning at Indianapolis.

There have been many significant achievements in his career, such as his victory at the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix when he beat Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in the final race of the season, but perhaps his greatest came in 2011 when he overtook a reeling Sebastien Vettel and claimed his second championship, and 10th in total. The next season the pair tied with titles on the line, but Vettel believed he had the better car and was in a position to take the crown. The German was not so sure and once more, to the dismay of the Briton, Mercedes put the pressure on their team-mate to beat their rival.

Lewis Hamilton won and Kimi Raikkonen came second but the two title-mates came in equal points. They went in head-to-head in Abu Dhabi, with Raikkonen, who was six points ahead, starting on pole position.

It was a difficult race for Hamilton but he managed to beat Raikkonen into second. At the time, Mercedes director of motorsport Toto Wolff had said: “If Lewis hadn’t managed to beat [Raikkonen] he wouldn’t be in the position to have a chance to beat Vettel. He showed a lot of bravery and, like he has been all year, we haven’t seen the full quality.”

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