A #SecretsToTech: Why domestic tech remains at risk for disruption – CNN Money

Tech has increasingly come to the forefront of the conversation around job creation and the economic outlook, with a large slice of GDP and growth coming from IT. This represents a value proposition that job seekers and employers can’t ignore, as more jobs in tech are being created than any other sector. To help meet this value proposition, government is working to capture its own share of the growing tech economy, looking to broaden the number of technical workers it employs.

Not only is this a competitive advantage, but it is critical to the public’s confidence in our democracy. Today’s technology doesn’t just help government operate more efficiently, it also allows citizens to exercise their rights to engage with elected officials and hold their governments accountable. By creating an environment that leverages tech to strengthen our democracy, we can ensure that jobs in tech create fair work for American workers and protect the taxpayers, families and communities where our citizens live.

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