Beach chaos: Muddy, blocked traffic in LA

Written by Jørgen Jarquist, CNN Los Angeles, California

What would you like to see at Los Angeles’ famous The Esplanade?

That is the question that Los Angeles drivers are asking, after confusion over signage and the bus lane separated them from the beach this weekend.

“This is the best day ever to take the bus! Can you believe our charter bus has stopped on The Esplanade (sic),” tweeted a number of confused motorists.

Drivers in Beverly Hills, across the 8 Freeway, told CNN affiliate KTLA there was confusion over how to proceed, prompting a local bus company to issue a warning to passengers about road closures.

“You should be alert for bus stop and closed traffic signals,” it tweeted.

Drivers who had not been warned about the lane closure were told to proceed cautiously through the bay, as cars and buses were lined up at the bus shelter, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) told CNN.

The Esplanade has been an iconic location in LA for decades. This sardine can, which is dating back to 1954, was bought from the Mexican government in 1998.

The signs “making it difficult for drivers to know what to do,” said public information officer Steve Whitmore, was because the lane had been installed through a court order, and thus did not come with standard signage.

This sign is one of at least a dozen that have appeared along the block.

This is what travelers can expect between 6am and 9am each weekday

This is the median during the same period

This is the bus shelter

This is the small pathway through the median

The signs will be removed Thursday morning, so that signs can be placed and regulations established, said Whitmore.

‘A great place to walk’

The Esplanade is also open to pedestrians, with 10 retail stores and restaurants with $2 tacos, $8.50 burgers and $18 lobster rolls on the menu.

The Esplanade, formerly known as the Beverly Hilton, has been the longtime destination for celebrities, such as Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. It is popular among visitors to LA but, the platform can feel a little cramped, reports E! News.

Opened in 1921, The Beverly Hilton is a 5-star luxury hotel. The hotel is now owned by Macao Fortune, the same company behind The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton in Beverly Hills.

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