Beauty Black Friday deals and more

Written by By Susan Mayo, CNN

Black Friday is nearly here, so how will you transform your face into a beacon of fall? If you’re up for going a little Gaga, then here are some of the best beauty Black Friday deals and a few sexy ideas to get you looking your absolute best.

1. Glossier

From October 1, Glossier will be dropping more than 40 lip pencils, eyeshadows and highlighters across the brand’s 30-or-so product range, all for $24. Prices will range from a liquid lip pencil to a liquid highlighter and there will be 16 new additions to the tri-dimensional beauty palette.

While the app promises “no fuss” styling, you don’t even need it to use these products (though Instagram queens should really have this kit in their possession).

If you’re less picky about a bargain (or simply can’t wait for Black Friday to start), there are some samples and new launches to be had as part of the face-brightening flush.

Plus, some fab new fall-ready highlights are in the pipeline: the brand launched the R11 shade line this week, and its Blush + Cheek palette will launch on September 28.

For the more daring, we like the idea of adding Elisabetta Kiwi Glitter Paint to your next Halloween party (by far Glossier’s best-selling product).

2. Benefit Cosmetics

Behold the firm known for wrinkle-fighting primer products: Benefit will launch its new Intensely Moisturizing Airbrush Foundation in three in-store locations — on October 1 — before spreading out to 18 Sephora locations.

The lightweight, minimal to medium coverage product delivers superior coverage, though the name of the game is going to be the itty bitty three shades. Bonus — it’ll be available in September for a limited time.

3. Mac Cosmetics

About 100 items, everything from foundation and blush to three-in-one highlighters and liners, will be part of the brand’s flash sale this Saturday (September 9). Two of the best-sellers are coming in at $11: the Beautiful Mascara Kit and the Brush for the Face (a brush for Mac’s entire Brush Set ), which costs $25.

4. Peter Thomas Roth

For a much-needed spritz of cool, we recommend Peter Thomas Roth’s new Rose Trilogy ($45).

The collection includes three loose (naked) eyeshadows, a cream blush and a lipstick — three products that make for a total investment, though it’s not a lot of money. All three will be on sale October 1.

5. La Prairie

There’s no point in adding to a spending spree if you can’t look good doing it — and this New York art school grad can definitely hit a nail on the head when it comes to beauty.

One of her most popular color products, Murad Nourishing Shampoo ($125) is still available for the limited-time sale, while 20% off up to 150 shades of Serum ($325) is on offer. (Even if you are only buying one, you can save at least $50 on every £250 purchases.)

The luxury brand also offers custom makeovers if you’re interested in a professional approach to your makeup. For example, La Prairie has a course on Brazilian make-up that takes place at their Soho NYC store — and includes use of a La Prairie Skin Rescue Concentrated Rejuvenating Cream.

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