Christina Applegate posts special message for family and friends

A special message from Christina Applegate to her friends and fans on her 50th birthday after her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis.

As she turns 50 this week, Christina Applegate is singing the praises of her inner circle. The Oscar-nominated actress has revealed that for the last 11 years, it has been hard for her to step out into the world with any certainty. As she told The Hollywood Reporter, this does not sit well with her friends and family. She credits her fame, the support from her husband, and her co-stars for all the life-affirming things she has gotten to experience, while also wishing her friends and family and her community a happy birthday.

She sent a special message to her “friends and family,” from whom she has received “a lot of love and warmth” in their time of need. The key word she used in the statement is “happiness.”

“I’m happy because my heart is truly filling up every moment,” she said. “I’m happy that we live in a time when my friends and family have been so great to me, helping me through my difficult path of getting diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). They’ve stayed positive and have never held back from anything, and I can always count on my husband (Paul] for anything.”

“I’m happy to be able to fulfill the things I’ve always wanted to, like raising funds for MS research, which is why, on this birthday, we’re bringing together the entire movie-making community to celebrate her,” she said.

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