Editorial: The Marijuana Roots of Omicron

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How did Omicron become the name of a hip new marijuana strain?

FOX’s Rich Johnson breaks it down:

FoxNews.com reports the Covid variant of cannabis makes its name from the Greek word ‘orion’, which means air. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, together with Colorado, is trying to create strains of marijuana with the highest levels of air coming from soil. Ultimately, the ultimate goal of air farming is to grow the best cannabis possible with as little water as possible.

So how can this help the marijuana industry?

Rich Johnson reporting:

For farmers, the growers and the users, it could be a godsend. However, there is one problem, there is not very much of it yet.

Specifically, only seven cultivators have been approved and state regulators say a lot more growers will be approved in the near future.

Medical marijuana will be sold in Colorado for recreational use soon.

Editor’s Note: FoxNews.com had this information first, but I had not heard of this strain until I talked to Steve Kuhn, Vice President of Communications for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Rich Johnson, FOX News.

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