Elizabeth Holmes reveals her ex-boyfriend used medical devices and gave her stock as bribes

Elizabeth Holmes said in court Wednesday that her former boyfriend used medical devices and gave her stock in their company, Theranos, as bribes. She also testified that she had been drugged by her former boyfriend.

The testimony was a continuation of the testimony she gave on Tuesday, when she was called as a witness in an insider trading case against the defendant John McEnroe. The “patient protection expert” appeared on the stand with the latest evidence she had about the company from which she originally launched Theranos.

The judge said Tuesday he would likely rule within a few weeks. The hearing will determine whether jurors hear details of the Theranos board’s suspicions that Holmes was running a fraudulent scheme. The company tried to fire Holmes in 2016, but she remains head of the company, after a California judge ruled that she could return to her position on the board of directors after her legal troubles were resolved.

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