Elton John is pairing Ed Sheeran with his Christmas album for the first time

In addition to being two of the most famous men in the world, Elton John and Ed Sheeran are both raconteurs, with John’s most recent memoir a best-seller. But what they share, other than their name, is a love of Christmas.

At a concert on Monday in Melbourne, Australia, John announced a plan to feature the two singers together for the first time. He is currently recording for the soundtrack to the movie based on his memoir, and had one guest guest at the studio who he wanted to capture for posterity. “This whole album is going to be about what we are doing now,” John explained. “And therefore Ed has got to be involved. He’s Christmas all year round for me.”

Adding in Sheeran, he explained, felt natural to him. “We’ve got to get Ed on the album,” he said, adding that this might become a tradition. “Sometimes you get a December song that is a really good Christmas song, and that’s when I get the most kicks, when we get Christmas songs on the album.”

By contrast, with his Christmas album, John is hoping to be present when he needed to be most. “In my life, I never once bought a single thing for Christmas in 40 years of trying,” he wrote. “Although I used to enjoy having great things delivered to my door, I knew there was always someone who would have much rather my cash was going to help someone more in need.” His long-awaited Christmas album will finally be available on November 23.

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