Employers give staff $8,000 pay rise after being hired for first time

Can you imagine getting an $8,000 pay rise in your first year of work? For 270 young men and women that’s exactly what greeted a Hong Kong restaurant group upon arriving at their new offices this month.

In order to celebrate their promotions and compensation, management at Pagoda has agreed to fly in staff at two shifts (for each restaurant) of 25 each from their headquarters to watch the 2019 Hong Kong International Arts Festival in person. CEO Tim Ko says the measure is intended to inspire not only the recipients but staff at the other restaurants under the business.

“We recognized this would be an opportunity to hand on the wealth and show the new faces that we care about their development,” Ko told The Guardian. “This is just one way to show our gratitude and that we want them to win, too.”

Ko added that he wanted the offer to break down the barriers that kept away some youth from the restaurant business. The group is no stranger to giving away perks: in 2017, they hosted staff meals and moonlighted to do some personal work for free.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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