Hairstylist who molested child is charged with more offences

Linda Kenney-Baden, 56, has been charged with various offences for allegedly assaulting a minor

The Toronto hairdresser charged with sexually assaulting a minor has been charged with further offences.

Linda Kenney-Baden, 56, had been charged with six counts of sexual assault and seven counts of making child pornography. Police confirmed that the woman, who runs a salon in Toronto’s west end, had now been charged with 10 offences.

Rideau police said Kenney-Baden had been arrested at the salon on 10 September. She was charged in late August.

The charges against her now include one count of sexual assault and 10 counts of making child pornography. Her bail has been extended. She is next due in court on 10 November.

Linda Kenney-Baden’s salon in Toronto. Photograph: Facebook

Police said the alleged abuse involved a child under 16 years old. She was working with the victim’s family, and officers found evidence of the abuse during an initial search of the salon.

A member of staff at the salon told the Guardian they understood Kenney-Baden to be a nanny. Neighbours said she stayed at a large detached house on the street.

Linda and Peter Baden had recently separated. According to the Toronto Star, Linda had been living in different addresses after leaving Peter’s home a number of months earlier.

The police investigation began when someone provided them with a mobile phone number in the name of Kenney-Baden.

Video of Linda Baden talking about her hair salon on social media.

Lee Penman, senior forensic inspector at Rideau police, said: “The victim in this case is the child of the suspect. We are unable to determine her identity at this time, however she has provided us with a detailed account of what has allegedly happened to her.”

Police have released a video of Kenney-Baden making a statement to detectives. She is being held in custody.

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