Huge crater created by asteroid that hit Russia 2,000 years ago

One might think that if one were looking for a historic era in terms of hazardous materials that might, during the 19th century, produce a big crater. But no. This one is more than 4,000 years old.

This mysterious impact crater in Western Siberia sits along the high-altitude highway of the Yamal Peninsula, a vast area deep into the Arctic Circle where the Arabian Sea meets the Siberian Ocean. You can pretty much see it from the International Space Station.

Yes, it’s one heck of a place — so far removed from Earth’s atmosphere that the surface temperature on the 4,000-year-old hole is estimated to be in the region of freezing point.

Last year, researchers figured out that this trough is 1,000 feet wide and approximately 2,000 feet deep. They’ve recently published a series of papers that reveal another startling detail. Not only are the depths of this pit littered with rubble made up of materials left behind by the asteroid that created it, but so are the surrounding tundra-like craters.

Here’s the detailed description of the crater from NASA:

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