Is Mo Salah the best player in the Premier League?

Is Mo Salah the best player in the Premier League for 2017-18? Last year, he was on pretty much everybody’s top ten. With Premier League goals already at 19, he’s already on pace to break Jamie Vardy’s 2011 record of 25 for the most goals in a single season. But despite the fact that he broke the record in November, he still ranks 10th on various tables. Is he deserving of that position?

Luckily, as guardian of soccer history Roxy Dunlop informs us, he’s certainly not undeserving.

Of course, Salah isn’t just any journeyman in the Premier League — he’s Egypt’s very own “next big thing.” When you factor in the fact that he’s still only 25 — he turned 26 on October 28 — and he’s playing in a league that’s a launchpad to the Champions League and, eventually, the World Cup, he certainly has the potential to be one of the league’s more durable and most influential players in years to come.

That said, Salah has plenty of opponents to beat. In November alone, he’s notched five goals in just six games, including a brilliant solo brace against West Ham on Saturday. When you factor in the fact that the league has struggled mightily to sell tickets for matchday, you could say that Salah’s impressive start has drawn considerable attention to the league as a whole, which was thought to be lacking in star quality this season. If anything, it makes the league’s lack of interest in the game even more curious.

But overall, Salah’s excellent form has kept the league at the forefront of attention, and seems as though it could very well win him a prestigious piece of Premier League history:

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