Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: This Is A War On Humanity

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Ever since the Syrian Civil War broke out in 2011, world leaders from Republican, Democratic and Independent nations have formed coalitions to stop the bloodshed. Through relentless pressure and international regulation, some embattled countries have achieved stability. But in other unstable regions of the globe, suicide bombers are still hanging out with murderous thugs, fighting to protect little children and women. As the world struggles to prevent millions of people from suffering and dying, it’s clear more needs to be done. To that end, musicians, designers, stars and artisans are rallying around initiatives to create compassion by curating and auctioning humanitarian creations that reflect the magnificence of their own humanity.

This week on ‘Off the Record with Maria Bartiromo’, ‘The Today Show’ correspondent Hallie Jackson and FOX News national security analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters look back at the fashion event of the year and how we are just now trying to put an end to this war on humanity…

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