Overcast: 5 podcast stars to help you unwind on the road

Flying makes us anxious. But instead of making us paranoid about government threats and hijacking planes, a travel-oriented podcast like CNN’s News Is Recorded could help us to relax and relish the plane rides we’re headed on in the future.

CNN’s News Is Recorded hosts Stephen Collinson and Susannah Cullinane, reporters on the network’s 24-hour Livewire international news network, talk to world leaders, celebrities, and NPR’s Dan Rather about the news of the day. They talk about global crises and the heroic stories they tell through in-depth interviews and field reporting.

Collinson and Cullinane each say that they love how the program taps into the joys of being on the road and documenting their journeys through intimate conversation.

“I was very busy covering the 2016 presidential campaign,” Cullinane said. “I wanted to recharge my batteries with a real quiet, physical activity. I knew what that would be – backpacking, whatever.”

“My mind was playing games all day and my butt was constantly stiff,” she added. “As the day wore on, as the stress built, I’d get sick. It was very difficult to get into a headspace that was that well-rested. There are a lot of stories out there, but I always wanted to document them.”

CNN’s News Is Recorded airs weekdays at 7 p.m. ET on CNN International.

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