Protests: Theresa May condemns ‘poor manners’

Written by By Lydia Boykin, CNN

Following the protests staged by some players across the English Premier League on Saturday during the national anthem, British Prime Minister Theresa May has suggested the players should reconsider the gesture.

“It was an appalling example of poor manners,” May said. “But people in general across the country will be uncomfortable about seeing these players protesting.”

The debate has raged online, with British sports-talk radio stations breaking down the reaction from listeners on Thursday.

The shirt issue

In his latest speech, Trump made reference to the issue of national image, saying: “So you have players protesting and other players wearing a special T-shirt that says ‘Stand for the anthem’. Now what is that about?”

He then offered up the concept of players voluntarily deciding to not stand for the anthem, instead, donating money they might have spent on their shirts to a charity, in an attempt to “express themselves in a more positive way.”

Acknowledging the fact that England had some of the lowest turnout figures for the national anthem across the world last year, as a show of solidarity with the US, Trump said: “They should stand up. They shouldn’t be staying in the locker room.”

He then described how a London-based football fan had personally given his over $1,600 in profit from a shirt he purchased last year. “He said, ‘you ought to give that money to charity.’ And I said, ‘You go ahead, and do it. You know what I say to that?’”

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