Samantha Levine to Leave New York Times for The Weather Channel

Samantha Levine, the Times’s markets reporter, is leaving the paper to cover weather and transportation issues for The Weather Channel.

Ms. Levine has worked for the Times since 2009. Before that, she spent four years at the consumer site NewsFactor, where she helped to create the brand’s healthcare vertical.

“It’s really crazy that we’re starting over at a brand new organization, but I’m really excited because weather is one of the great loves of my life,” Ms. Levine said of the chance to join the Weather Channel.

About a year ago, she got herself a commercial pilot’s license. As an industry insider, Ms. Levine was the first journalist invited to fly the spaceflight that would eventually become Elon Musk’s Dragon capsule. She also spent six months on Earth with NASA in Houston working on Space Policy.

After another in-depth exploration of the issues facing public transit systems in New York City, the Times is offering Ms. Levine a chance to report on roads in a different way. Ms. Levine has used aerial photography to document the changes in LaGuardia Airport and has used satellite and drone technology to capture aerial shots of issues facing the subway system.

“At the Times, we created very special in-depth pieces that a lot of people in the world now read,” Ms. Levine said. “For me it’s really nice to be able to break into a totally different space and provide a completely different level of access.”

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