‘Shameless’ has been cancelled, but here’s why I’m still happy to watch it

I had moments of feeling really conflicted about this, but I love Ken Jenner (Christian Slater) right now. One would never suspect Ken from seeing him from the outside, but watching the other members of the family come to understand and support him has been interesting to me.

I don’t want to seem like a snob and trite and hypocritical to the other members of the show’s cast, so I am going to forgo a bit of cerebral analysis and write what you see on screen. There’s a lot going on in this episode. Not just the family dynamics, but things between Ian McCallister (Nicholas Braun) and Grace (Hannah Ware) that will stick with me.

One of my favorite episodes this season, “Villainy with an Edge,” delved into how Ken changed in response to his time as CEO of the new media company. He’s gone from someone everyone loved, to a big ol’ prick. I love his passive-aggressive ways, both in the sit down with Ian and trying to figure out what’s going on with Lotte (Parker Posey). I also love that, after hiding a few valuable info about Grace that came out later in Season 2, he finally admits that something’s awry: she is probably pregnant.

I feel bad for Ian; I don’t know why. When he promises Ken that he won’t screw his son, Ian says it with such sincerity that I want to be his friend and agree that he’s not the villain the writers and producers seem to be painting him to be. He’s probably just a normal guy who didn’t want his son to have all of these responsibilities so quickly in the wake of his children’s deaths and he can’t say anymore than he hopes Ken works through his emotional demons and gets better. And Ken is trying to repair what he’s done.

TNT’s dark comedy was canceled on Thursday after two seasons. But we can look back on one of the most interesting shows in years with gratitude.

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