The Colombian ceramist whose iconic pottery has been seen on every coat, rug and sofa

Written by Nina Campbell, CNN Bogotá, Colombia

“The best interpretation of a beautiful color is usually the last thing you’ll see in it,” the giddy curator of a Bogotá gallery told CNN recently. The changes behind her eyes were draining hot. She was minutes away from a move to the US in pursuit of her dreams.

But her fears were likely unwarranted. The sunny, glass-walled ceramic room she was standing in was just one of the many these images had achieved. And somewhere deep in the gallery, behind a closed door, was the leading man behind their creation.

Giovanni Morozano’s unusual choices and swift speeds have made him a star in the art world. The Colombian artist has worked with blockbuster brands such as Burberry, the London Metropolitan Museum of Art and Louis Vuitton. If his image was on your home rug, sofa or coat, it probably belonged to one of his clients.

Beautiful problems

Morozano prides himself on making “beautiful problems.” In other words, he’s a cinephile who’s as happy experimenting with his materials as he is experimenting with film.

His approach to pottery, according to him, is “The only way to an original art movement is to stick with your idea until you reach the last minute and make something new.”

The medium is also a metaphor for the challenges of his craft: “The difference between making a ceramic and a film is really extreme,” he said. He believes a sculptor gets by better if he begins clay-making via clay.

Passionately working with red clay and a kiln, he creates works that are transparent, yet crackle with light, reminiscent of early images of art deco poster art. While one gallery just finished showcasing two of his new prints — “Death Is Back” and “Drum” — for the first time in the US, his pieces have been viewed at Frieze for almost six years now.

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