The Floating Hydroelectric Plant That Produces Power From Shanghai’s Harvester Splash

The Shanghai Expo 2019 has come to a close, but its vision for the future will live on. The biennial event featured projects and initiatives that underscore the shifting cultural and societal allegiances. One pavilion at Shanghai Expo is generating its own energy and water through creative processes. After the water in the traditional “cycle pool” burst into flame, an innovative collaboration between Bowery Street Developments and China’s State Grid Corporation harnessed the heat for use in developing a floating hydro-electric plant that rivals such units used in the American West.

What is this building for? It’s called the Ship’s Mechanical Plant. The power plant generates its own energy for use on the ship, which is powered by an engine. When ships were on the West Coast, they relied on huge hydro-electric plants to generate power.

The structure is powered by a vertical tower, which enables it to produce steam and hot water that is piped to internal tanks. Heat from the blast furnace is used to produce the steam, while condensed water is used to cool the vessels.

You can visit this gizmo during the World Expo in June in Shanghai.

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