The Liberals have broken their promise to reopen the abortion debate

Let’s start with the basic facts of how our parliament works. British Columbians, Ontarians and Albertans have three seats each in the House of Commons. This means that each of those three provinces has three MPs who sit in the Commons; namely, the mayor of each province’s largest city, and two MPs from each region.

This is not a perfect representation of British Columbians, Ontarians and Albertans – but, in the real world, they are less representative than we think, and it can be argued that they are even less representative than we actually have in our governments.

While every jurisdiction that has some form of “balanced,” “similar” or “tripartisan” federation has a location representative of its province within the House of Commons, there is a small subset of British Columbians and Ontarians and a very small subset of Albertans and Canadians that are not represented at all – and in some cases, not represented at all in the House of Commons.

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