This Week’s Trivia Quiz: Portrait of America’s Walking Week

Hiking in a national park is a lot like watching paint dry: You have to get used to seeing elements that you think are back-burner stuff, and think that you’re doing a good thing when it is the reality of bad management or mistakes made by others.

I got a lot of good points for this week’s weekly hunt to decode some obvious sightings. The Oskaloosa Rock County Conservation Area trail is closed because the same old sketchy work that can sometimes get the job done — rocks, chewed limbs, lakebed and woodlands — are still there. Maybe next time people can stay within certain limits and let nature take care of the weeds and other changes that happen.

There’s been some use of a maintenance project here, with payback coming shortly.

Beaver baffle challenge

Metrolinx wants to paint a two-metre mural of beavers on the ceiling of its Regional Transit Center — an idea somewhat like a Thunderbirds theme song on an overhead rail building. It will hopefully be a clever use of art but shouldn’t be mistaken for a suggestion to leave the beavers here on the roof or not take care of the costs of painting. Nice theory of a mural or perhaps an ongoing series of beaver murals. Hmmm.

Tiburon Lake waterpark back on track

Gotta say I’m happy to see Bolero Lake Resort and Waterpark back on track for a reopening this summer, with a series of VIP event amenities on which the owners are now fully financed. Bolero was dragged into the mushrooming condo boom a few years ago and saw its slow death.

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