Tiger Woods says his injured ankle is reason for future retirement

The odds are good you have never seen Tiger Woods in his prime and this week the legendary golfer revealed that after a much-awaited return from injury in 2006, he isn’t planning on being back on the PGA Tour much longer. In a just released interview on the SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio show “NASCAR on Tour with Rory Block,” Woods’ claimed the reason for his future absence from the tour is a broken ankle.

“I got that old ankle- injury I had in ’06. Went out early and played and just couldn’t walk after that,” Woods said. “Took them a couple months, finally did rehab and started rehabbing and starting to get back. And then started feeling some nagging symptoms, told them that I really wanted to do it and they put me on a new walking brace to prevent that from happening again.”

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Woods just finished his 2018 season on the European PGA Tour and later stated he’s still learning to swing his club again.

“I’m not coming back in the fall or next spring because I want to … I just really don’t know how my game’s going to feel yet. I’m still learning how to swing this golf club, and like I said, even when I came back this year, it took me about five months to feel totally comfortable with my swing and my confidence.”

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