Toronto man ‘stabbed in the street’ ‘random attack’

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A man has been rushed to hospital following an “unprovoked” stabbing in downtown Toronto.

Police say the 26-year-old victim was attacked near Queen Street East and University Avenue in the city’s east end on Friday morning.

Emergency services received a call about an altercation involving several people and found the man covered in blood.

Police say the attack is considered random and did not appear to be linked to a larger disturbance.

“I got caught in the middle of this stabbing – that’s what I want to get out of it – someone pulled a knife, just randomly stabbed this guy, that I was in the middle of,” witness Jamie Gould told CP24.

“He was on the ground, fighting, screaming for help. My friend was going down there, trying to help him. At one point, he had a knife in his pocket and one in his hand. He was trying to stab my friend,” he added.

Mr Gould said he was lucky that someone intervened to save his friend.

Giovanni Varalo, a restaurant worker who witnessed the incident, said that he and his girlfriend ran outside when they heard commotion outside.

“It was really shocking… The guy that was stabbed was just screaming for help and… [we’re] just real thankful we were nearby because it could have been much worse,” he told CP24.

“You definitely think you’re going to get stabbed, you’re going to get killed, but I can tell you that that didn’t happen,” he added.

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