Toronto man who posted penis on sidewalk and sent it to police gets three years

(CNN) — It’s a dildo wrapped in toilet paper and duct tape wrapped around its vagina.

It’s been featured on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and last year police said it could be considered “hate speech.”

And now the Toronto man who brought the construction worker’s edifice of a dildo to the attention of law enforcement has reached a deal with the city.

Jonas Aboujaoude, 28, is among the first Canadians to be convicted under a city law prohibiting “obscene, offensive or indecent” material on public sidewalks.

But the city and Aboujaoude, who said the dildo is an expression of political protest, have compromised.

On Thursday, Aboujaoude was sentenced to a three-year conditional sentence, which the city says is akin to probation.

He will have to post a $10,000 bond, also known as a surety, and perform 300 hours of community service.

In a statement to CNN, Aboujaoude said he was “happy to get it over” with.

He said he will not appeal the sentence.

Policing and personal protest

So far this year, officials say, they have been contacted by the Toronto Police Service over 48 pieces of offensive or obscene material that were found in places of public business.

Five more such complaints have been made in recent weeks, the statement said.

Aboujaoude was arrested in October on the basis of the city’s “Offensive Speech Act.”

During a court hearing that ended in December, he was accused of calling police “pigs,” “f—-tots” and telling police who showed up at his home to “get on your knees like the Muslims.”

Several news outlets took the plea by the judge “to explore whether the pig use and prayer would be deemed to be within the ambit of the offence,” according to a Toronto Sun report.

Aboujaoude’s legal team objected to the “fascist verdict,” the statement said.

In January, a full panel of the Superior Court of Justice upheld the conviction.

It said it found the pork content “not to be sufficiently menacing, or morally injurious to its target, to merit the special prohibition,” the statement said.

The three-year conditional sentence means that Aboujaoude will have to be at his home location four days a week, the release said.

He will have to be covered in a balaclava when he’s at work and wear it when meeting with police officers, the release said.

The sentence was light compared to other recent outcomes, the statement said.

Aboujaoude said he started filing complaints of offensive material on public sidewalks in 2013. He was not arrested until last year, when he claims he was harassed by police who forced him to remove the toilet paper wrapped around the dildo.

The police said they asked him to remove the toilet paper but not to unwrap the dildo.

He filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, a specialized tribunal, which ruled in February 2016 in his favor. He demanded $50,000 in damages.

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