TSA: 2.3 million people hit the skies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving travelers set a record in the air with more than 2.3 million Americans traveling Friday, the Transportation Security Administration said.

Passengers faced long security lines at airports, but the agency attributed the record number of fliers to strong Thanksgiving travel and a late change in the weather that included an early Thanksgiving Thursday. The wind and rain that greeted many Friday travelers pushed numbers up, too.

“This Thanksgiving travel period is typically one of the busiest of the year, and travelers will see significantly longer lines at airport security today compared to Friday,” said TSA Acting Administrator Ed Gresser. “Every passenger has a right to travel, and our security officers will remain focused on our No. 1 priority – ensuring the safety of those traveling with us.”

TSA advised passengers not to give up and to arrive early for their flight. Passengers can use lane-assignment software at tsa.gov/lanes or call 1-800-SAFE-US to find out if their flight has moved.

FAA Administrator David A. Pekoske said: “I want to thank the men and women of TSA for their hard work, resilience and dedication to our mission this holiday season. TSA provides the best security possible, and when it’s right, you’ll enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday in style!”

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