VIDEO: Real Cooking: Chapman’s

Chapman’s is loved for its cream, vanilla and chocolate waffles in our picturesque county Durham, but we have uncovered some of its more unusual flavour combinations. We investigated the history of the company and have discovered the founder’s passion for sweetness, later eaten and treasured today. It all started in the 19th century and Chapman’s food products company was founded in 1889. Before becoming known for the real thing, we uncovered a sweet tale of some more unusual foodstuffs for Chapman’s in the 20th century. Though you may think it’s just for the teensy latte. These are the sweet tooths that Chapman’s Food Products would produce, for decades, whatever society demanded. The old milk store was always full and Chapman’s began rationing the cream in 1944 to the warehouse. Then with rationing over and a bigger order of hot chocolate for the war, however, they re-stocked the milk store and rationing never really lifted. Then after World War II, when the economy was booming and demand for industrial foodstuffs was ever growing, even more pressurised, Chapman’s had to adjust its supply route.

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