Want to take an antiviral to fight off a winter flu? There are pill options

@AntiviralDrug is promising a shot of antiviral delivered with dental gel to combat your winter flu. For patients who need it, it looks like a promising mix of convenience and nirvana. Because it’s oral, don’t worry about waterlogged mouth, cleaning-averse, not-so-clean teeth, etc. And it won’t take too long! Two or three weeks! Why not? Can you imagine a B**ch Immorality Day of gratitude, really? — Jenée Desmond-Harris (@jdesmondh) April 23, 2018

Chances are that you have a pill drawer in your desk, and maybe you’ve tried taking a handful of those little cold-cough viagra to help get those coughs and runny noses under control.

Those viagra pills are coming back and not just as a 2015 pop-up, according to a report in Drug Safety.com, but increasingly in pill form: Antiviral Covid-19, a treatment for viruses like Influenza A and B that make people feel miserable. An estimated 200 million Americans are infected with one of those viruses.

And if there’s not enough available antiviral drugs to satisfy your pandemic needs, Antiviral Covid-19 could provide temporary relief to a small segment of those people who can’t handle the sh*tiness of flu season.

But there’s the problem of how to really dose those antiviral pills. What if the drug isn’t as effective as it could be in terms of dose? And what about those other antiviral drugs that are available: Was a childhood shot so much better?

Pharmacists we spoke to for our story didn’t have much to say on that matter. They say it’s too soon to tell, with less than a month of use under their belts.

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