WATCH: Baltimore’s No Smoking Cafe Hosts Vote on Attracting Liquor License

The restaurant, which holds a strict no smoking policy, is having difficulty gaining approval for a liquor license.

The late Baltimore Orioles and Rangers broadcaster, Curt Gowdy, who died in November, was part of the team’s ownership group.

The bar’s owner, Gary Rudnicki, took the request to council on Thursday night in Toronto. If it passes as proposed, Rudnicki will get a permit that will allow him to serve alcohol at a restaurant that is partly business and partly smoking.

The bar is located inside a six-story building in the city. The fire department recommended against the permit, noting that residents, including families with young children, can’t breathe in the smoky air.

That recommendation sparked an outcry on social media and from local politicians as well as even from the Eagles president, Don Smolenski, who supports the new rules.

“Curt Gowdy was an iconic member of the Orioles family. Curt loved to eat, drink and relax. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be a good thing to try to displace that into a bar. He enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful Baltimore nightlife,” Smolenski said in a statement to media.

In the years leading up to his death, Gowdy was known for speaking from the heart and creating positive impressions through his unique brand of broadcasting and delivering a message that he believed in.

From forever changing the game of baseball by devising pitching changes through much of the 20th century, to starting a college lacrosse tradition and his personal crusade against drug use and illegal sports betting in sports by securing a ban on sports books through U.S. Congress, Gowdy lived a life dedicated to creating a community that embodied sportsmanship, leadership and winning without failing. He died at the age of 84.

He died at the age of 84.

Rudnicki has run the venue and cafe since 2006.

He had wanted to be able to serve alcohol inside. The building where CafeTO is located is off-limits to smoking, but Rohnicki wanted to be able to allow cigar lounges as well as a bar.

The CBC first reported on the meeting’s proceedings.

This story contains material from the Associated Press.

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