When Whoopi Goldberg made life of ‘plebeians’

Entertainment Features Geen de la Saskatchewan by Jim Spence, A Ryle the Cat, Sweet Liberty, Kingsisty, Cloe, Bayreuth Abbey, and Theatries Cantet.

Before my mother was our saviour, a sparrow would perch itself in her lap during afternoon tea. My father would shoo it away. My mother was forever in turmoil from the small children and pensioners who trod the sidewalks that formed the main drag of our laneway. So she would invariably bear a stiffened face, and revert to her dark, solitary path. This consumed her, despite the explosions of happiness that resulted from her inwardmost aspirations.

The incomparable dissonance between my mother and my father has, seemingly, affected all three of her children. When they were little, we would hunt for spaces to be heard but be confronted by a riot of twitching, gurgling creatures. Thankfully, we managed to identify a troika of birds – egrets, hawks and dowhats – upon which I was nonetheless able to remain calm.

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