Countdown: The 2016 Presidential Election on CNN

Written by Edited by Jamie Walker, CNN

Five years ago, Brazilian politician Dilma Rousseff was impeached. Now, she is preparing to be sworn in as president once again.

Rousseff has had an incredible trajectory, which began as a young academic working on theory at the University of Chicago. The academic had dreams of becoming a literature professor and when her career as a teacher stalled, she entered politics.

In 1980, she was elected to Brazil’s national legislature and served four terms as a senator. She was elected president of Brazil in 2010, the first female head of state to hold the position in Latin America.

In May 2016, Rousseff was impeached for manipulating government accounts in a bid to maximize government revenues. Brazil’s Supreme Court approved her request to be reinstated, but the impeachment process sparked massive protests by citizens.

In March, Rousseff announced she would seek a return to power in October’s presidential election, where she is widely expected to win. She will be competing against left-wing challenger Workers’ Party senator Aecio Neves.

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