Today’s Most Infamous Auto Stickers, In Excelsis

The automaker produced a special edition Model A, with a shiny new body and interior, to be sold in 1948. The only numbers on the license plate are a dot in the diamond formation. There are 35,000 of these plates left, with a place in the US National Motor Cars Club’s most valuable car series. The lots for the dates between 1947 and 1949 sell for $25,000 to $30,000, not including shipping.

For these plates, the first known salesman to manage Ford dealerships, Edward Kuhn Jr., applied for the plates to his 14 stores and was assigned to 11. Kuhn set out to do for Ford what his father had done for Chrysler. He chose 250 salesmen to convince their customers to buy Model A cars. Each one would be given a Ford vehicle to put on their dealerships’ lot; they were then to give the vehicle away. Kuhn went on to found a federation of car dealerships and was named to the Ford board of directors. He died in 1943 and left a bequest of $15 million to his sons that set up The Ford Foundation.

One condition on the second condition was that the vehicle also have a call-button. In 1950, a Lincoln Mark IV was launched, with an analog cellular receiver fitted into its engine bay. The units were only able to talk to an external repeater but the test results proved positive. This soon became mandatory.

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