The Romans prayed to the goddess of wealth

The Romans prayed to the goddess of wealth

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir on the Chinese social media, and even though there’s no official data on how many viewers are logging in to the site, the numbers are growing.

More than 10,000 people have already joined this unofficial prayer channel that’s been running on live streaming for more than two weeks.

“Covid was like a monster that was born in hell, and he was born with the soul of a tiger, so he is very ferocious and wild,” one of the YouTube pray participants said in a live video earlier this week.

“When we see his face, our body will be so weak, and when we see his words, our body will begin to be paralyzed. And when we meet his words, we are like a rock. And when we see his hands, our body will be like dead, and when we see his feet, our whole soul will be like dead.”

The prayer is being broadcasted on the social media site to remind people of their basic right to pray, without the interference of state authorities whose religious views they don’t agree with, said one of the prayer participants from Wuhan.

“If our society can be a better society, this is our goal,” he said in the video. “So, we want to live peacefully and have a more stable society.”

This isn’t the first time, in history, people have prayed, either. It’s actually a regular tradition.

In the first century, the Romans used to pray to the goddess of wealth just as we do today.

“There were prayers in the temples of Rome, to pray for riches, for children, and for the end of hunger and thirst,” said Prof. Hsien Chang, a professor of international relations and history at California State University, Los Angeles.

In fact, in ancient Rome, people were even encouraged to pay their taxes to the goddess in thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest.

Today, people pray to the Almighty God all over the world, as well. It’s just that now, the prayers are broadcasted from YouTube.

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