Why Women fought for their Rights

Why Women fought for their Rights

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors

For an organization which is dedicated to the advancement of women’s achievements, it was shocking to see the recent Women’s March on Washington. I was reminded of why the march was an inevitable result of how women’s rights became a core concept in the U.S. Constitution.

Let me explain the “why” in this context.

In 1777, the federal Congress decided to appoint a “Commission to Establish a Uniform System of Arithmetical Principles, by which Parties might be ascertained, and thereby establish the true Decimal System of Arithmetic”. This committee was headed by James Madison, and included James Wilson, John Jay, George-Washington, and Richard Peters. With a clear objective, this committee laid the foundation for the birth of the decimal system.

At the time (1794), women were legally allowed to vote, but this was a privilege, not a right. So with both women and men legally voting, the right was not extended to women. But, it didn’t stop the ladies from marching.

When asked why women chose to fight for their rights, the women of 18th and 19th century answered with words of passion:

“It is not for want of love of liberty, but because we are ignorant of the love of justice.”

While there is a certain type of men whose words could be said to answer the question, the women who spoke eloquently in defense of women’s rights were all inspired by something more fundamental than words.

Let’s take a look into their minds.

Feminists know that women are not the enemy. In fact, they are the very force that drives our civilization forward. To be true feminists, you must recognize that women are often the real benefactors of a country when the country is a woman. The United States of America is one of the most prosperous countries in the world because of its women, who were responsible for its rise and success.

This is not to say that all women are equal, but they are the most important reason for our nation’s success. They deserve equal rights with men, so why do we need to spend so many dollars, time, and effort to give them the same rights we give to men? This is all about power and control, which is why feminism is all about

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