6 Reasons to Join the Democratic Party

6 Reasons to Join the Democratic Party

Op-Ed: Get ready to wait for the midterm results

By Michael Snyder

November 20, 2010 — Updated: November 19, 2011 —

The midterm elections are still over a week off. The polls have always been very close. Some are predicting an even tighter race than the last few presidential elections. However, there’s one group who is holding out hope, the group that will be most effected by an election victory for President Barack Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Millions of Americans have put their hopes and dreams in the hands of both candidates this election cycle. While the Romney campaign has been able to put forth a more moderate candidate, the president has been able to garner more support from voters.

In the end, only time will tell if Barack Obama has the necessary political capital to get himself elected. In the meantime, we can all hope that the people will decide to work together.

President Obama’s victory is an opportunity to change the direction of our nation and to make new friends around the globe. If you can’t find a way to rally and work together with other Americans in order to get the country back on track, then you’ll need to start looking for work. You’ll need to look for another job that makes you feel better about yourself and your job.

So if there’s no other direction than to work with the president and the Republicans, would it not make sense to seek employment with the Democratic Party?

The following are six reasons why joining the Democratic Party may be the best choice for all of you.

1. Working as a Democrat could land you a better life, in the long run.

At least that’s what the Democrats are working towards. In order to become a member of the Democratic Party and a full-fledged Democrat, you’ll have to pledge fidelity to the Democratic Party, and vow that you will work to elect Democratic candidates at every level of government, as well as work for the American taxpayer.

The Democratic Party is going to do all of it’s best to win the 2012 election. If you join as a Democrat, you’re getting a chance to support your party, and gain a great understanding of how a vote counts in this process.

2. Being a Democrat can give you

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