Biden to deliver speech on coronavirus vaccine

Biden to deliver speech on coronavirus vaccine

Biden to get updated COVID-19 booster shot, promote vaccine

Vice President Joe Biden is to get an updated version of the shot for coronavirus, which protects against the virus that causes the common cold, according to a report in the New York Times.

Biden is in the midst of a campaign to get more people vaccinated against the virus, and he is set to deliver a speech on the issue on Friday, the paper reported.

The vaccine was originally developed by Merck Sharp and Dohme on the orders of President Donald Trump. Biden has praised the vaccine, saying it is “a critical part of our plan to beat the coronavirus”.

Biden will get the update in the following week, according to an administration official who spoke to the New York Times.

The officials did not elaborate on the reason for the change, but the vaccine was originally approved by the FDA with an estimated delivery date of last year. The FDA approved a second version of the shot less than two weeks before the original was to expire. A second version is now being considered with a revised delivery date of early February.

A new version of a shot is one of the latest steps in efforts by the US government to promote getting people vaccinated against the virus, and many of those efforts have focused on China.

US lawmakers have criticized China for how it uses its immunization data to promote its own vaccines, and have been trying to get the US to suspend sales of these vaccines in China.

Trump has resisted their efforts.

New York Congressman Peter King said the coronavirus outbreak was a test for the US. “If we can get this under control, then it might provide the first real test of how far we have come in defeating this pandemic,” he wrote on Twitter last month.

The CDC has said that if the spread of coronavirus is allowed to continue, the US may not be able to reach its targets for herd immunity by the end of the year.

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