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The Home Is Still Under Construction

The Home Is Still Under Construction

In one of his last Instagram posts, Leslie Jordan revealed he’d purchased his first condo and would be living there in the coming months. The following morning, the Chicago native tweeted out a photo of the new space:

The home is still under construction, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere (or, in his case, several months ago). The former Chicago police officer, who used to be the president of the Chicago Police Union and who once worked for a law firm that is currently being sued over the deaths of nine people in a botched drug raid, is now a single man who lives in his own place for the first time in his life.

According to the New York Daily News, Jordan will be moving out of his current apartment (which is “nearly done”, according to his Twitter, which is located at 6030 W. Devon between Chicago’s Old Town and Lincoln Square) and into the 1 bedroom condo in two weeks. Jordan’s move away from Chicago is yet another sign that he’s preparing for life after politics. And who knows, maybe he’ll be more successful than he is currently at the law firm. After all, he’s made $1.5 million so far from his political ventures, including $800,000 from Facebook.

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