I Believe That Trump Is a Good President

I Believe That Trump Is a Good President

Letters to the Editor: The decline of democracy isn’t a both-sides problem

The following is one of the many columns that have come out of my Twitter account on the recent protests throughout the world against President Trump. I am currently writing a book, and I wanted to draw some attention to the fact that the protests were peaceful and non-violent. Of course I wish that they had been a bit more forceful with their message, but it’s very easy to look the other way when the protesters are young and wearing peace symbols. I think that the protests have a lot of potential, as they are representative of the way that many people feel today. And I would love to see the next generation of activists do more than yell “You lie” when they disagree with something that they think is wrong. The next generation will want to learn the difference between facts and fiction. They will want to know if the media is telling the truth, and they will want to know if the politicians are speaking the truth.

Trump and his administration are in the process of undoing the progress of the last 50 years. And this includes the election of Barack Obama.

I think that Trump is going to be very, very, very far from being a good president.

Now, some people on the left will say that this is the start of the end of our country, and that everything will be worse now that Trump has been elected.

But I beg to differ. I think that it is in the best interest of our country to stand up for our country and our values. And I feel in my heart that we have a great future for our country.

And not just me. I know that this is the opinion of some people out there. But I just want us all to be smart about what we do. And if we all work to make things better, then we will all benefit.

I believe that there are many things that I disagree with the president on, but he is a president because I believe that he believes in our country. And I think that, for the most part, this administration is working, and I am very hopeful that he will continue to work to make our country better.

In reading the column, I am struck by how many examples of the media lying to America (and by extension the world) are there

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