Trump’s wife says she is ‘very happy’ to see justice done for Mr Comey

Trump's wife says she is 'very happy' to see justice done for Mr Comey

Thomas was ‘key’ to a plan to delay certification of 2020 election, Trump lawyers said in emails

A US intelligence agency had ‘key’ information on a plot to kill President Trump, according to emails showing evidence of efforts to prevent his re-election, a court has heard.

A former federal prosecutor told the Senate intelligence panel on Monday that, in emails obtained by the Democratic-led House of Representatives, a senior White House official tried to persuade senior figures, including former FBI Director James Comey, to keep investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if Trump was elected.

The emails also show Michael Flynn, who served as Trump’s national security adviser as he prepared to become president, ‘positively’ discussing the plan with officials he hoped would undermine the administration’s plan to move ahead with plans to certify the 2020 presidential election.

Flynn and Comey, who was fired from the position in part for discussing the Russia investigation with the Trump administration, were part of an initiative to delay certification of the election, a project that was supported by senior Trump aides to bolster the president’s chances in 2020.

Senate investigators are expected to release the newly obtained documents when they conclude their hearing into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The former FBI director James Comey’s wife tweeted about the hearing on June 1

The former FBI director James Comey’s wife tweeted about the hearing on June 1 saying she was’very happy’ to see justice done for Mr Mueller

‘The idea that you and your friends in the FBI could put together this plan to interfere with the election… is quite chilling,’ the email said.

‘The plan is now so good that it will likely pass without a hitch,’ it added.

‘I want to help,’ wrote one White House official, ‘but I am worried about the president’s health. I think you guys got a lot of momentum on certification and I doubt he is going to get out of bed & back & forth.’

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