The Most Prominent Wall Street Writer on Earth

The Most Prominent Wall Street Writer on Earth

A Wall Street Banker Turned to Comedy for Happiness and a Career Change

“You’ll never become a writer as long as I’m here.” This is what I was told on a weekly basis by the most beloved writer on the planet, Steven Wright.

He’s a brilliant writer. A man of limitless patience, patience that was stretched to new lengths when I worked alongside him, and patience that is the only reason I can see him on stage every year, writing jokes for the world to enjoy. He is simply the best, and this is why when I wrote for The Huffington Post and other publications, some of my very best pieces were his. He truly is the funniest man alive. His humor is the lightest and most refreshing in an industry that was sorely lacking a laugh-a-thon.

In an industry where over half of all writers have been let go because they could never catch a break when it comes to getting the jokes they thought were funny, the guy who was hired to write jokes for television by Jay Leno was the best in the business. For years he would work almost every weekend and then at the end of the year send out to the press his final joke-songs for the year – and just like in my first week on the job, nobody ever wrote them down.

It’s an incredible story, and one I know to be true. Steven Wright, the most prolific writer on earth, and the most prolific joke-writer I’ve ever met, didn’t always have a successful career. The problem is that he found it. He found his niche. And he’s found it hard and frustrating because he has no one to share his joy with. But at the same time, it has allowed him to achieve so much of what he dreams of.

A Wall Street Banker Who Was Unhappy With His Life, but Turned to Comedy for Happiness

Over the past 10 years, Steven Wright has had the honor to work for a number of Wall Street Banks. I can say without hesitation that he is one of the finest and most skilled financial professionals

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