Brandy and Nancy are in a legal dispute over a housekeeper’s head injuries

Brandy and Nancy are in a legal dispute over a housekeeper’s head injuries

After Brandy reaches $40,000 settlement with housekeeper, attorneys want their fees reduced

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Brandy and her now fiancé, Mark, reached a $40,000 settlement with their housekeeper, Nancy, after the incident last year that left her with head injuries and a broken orbital bone.

Brandy reached the settlement with the housekeeper and her lawyer just before the trial began in March.

The couple, who filed a civil lawsuit against Nancy, have asked the court to reduce their attorneys’ fees by $20,000.

On Friday, Nancy testified in the case, but refused to answer questions about what Brandy had told her about the incident.

“It seems she’s using this as an opportunity to try to get away with less, and I think she’s going for it,” said attorney David Blasnik, who represents the couple. “I think this is a serious situation.”

Blasnik said he intends to subpoena Nancy to testify in court as well as offer her a settlement, and if Brandy’s attorneys don’t accept it, they plan to present a motion for a new trial.

“A lot of things have happened since those events occurred,” Blasnik said. “With all the moving around, that’s made it very difficult as far as keeping notes.”

Nancy, 58, testified last week, and testified that Brandy yelled at her and hit her on Feb. 8, 2016, because she wanted the housekeeper to move the furniture from the couple’s West Vancouver home to the family’s home in Santa Cruz, where she lives with her husband, son and dog.

The pair are in an ongoing legal dispute, with Brandy demanding the housekeeper return the $25,000 in damages after the incident, claiming she suffered severe head injuries. Nancy has refused.

The judge in that case — who hasn’t been served with the lawsuit yet — has set a trial date of Oct. 7.

Nancy’s testimony, in which she admitted doing things she shouldn’t have, such as leaving a door open and leaving a note on a piece of furniture, lasted about six minutes.

The fight was the first of about four

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