Trump’s Last Year in Office

Trump’s Last Year in Office

Op-Comic: The 118th Congress opens Jan. 3. Good luck, America, for a second term. Here’s what to expect from every day of the 111th session.

‘Tis the season for Congress to re-open as the House recedes to the political backwaters of Washington and the Senate prepares to convene its last regular session. The 115th Congress will convene on Jan. 3, 2017.

But as with all things political, there are no guarantees for the country’s leaders.

The year is fast approaching and that’s about all that President Trump can assure us.

The nation has had a rough patch in 2017.

The economy has slowed down. The stock market hasn’t shown signs of recovering. The stock market has lost a lot of ground since Election Day, and experts expect it to continue to fall. The cost of living is rising, the National Debt is mounting, and the deficits are becoming fiscally unsustainable.

So far, Trump hasn’t done anything to make things better, and he hasn’t offered much in the way of a legislative program to improve the nation’s economic situation, either.

And yet, it’s going to be his last year in office, and he’s getting ready for the long winter of what ails America.

There’s a long-running discussion about whether Trump’s presidency is only a fleeting stay, or whether he’s able to turn things around when he leaves office.

Many believe that he will fail to enact reforms of the country’s tax code, environmental and healthcare laws, and he will not be able to reverse the policies of his predecessor, President Obama.

Some experts have even suggested that Trump could actually be “the worst possible president for the country,” because of the way

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