Jamie Oliver’s Late Show Review

Jamie Oliver’s Late Show Review

James Corden Would Rather Not Talk About That Balthazar Omelet

I’m a total fan of Jamie Oliver, but I have to admit that he did surprise me this time (which was just his third appearance on The Late Show). After taking a big risk by putting a healthy egg on his face, he told a pretty depressing and unemotional story.

I’d like to use this opportunity to discuss Jamie Oliver’s performance on the most recent Late Show, but I don’t want to be a part of a post-show press release. Instead, I’d like to provide a spoiler-free review.

I have to say, this performance has been a little more like a Balthazar Omelette than my usual late-night chat about nutrition.

I’m not a big fan of Jamie Oliver’s, but his “The Art of Low Carbohydrate“has been really interesting to me. I like his approach to healthy eating, I like the things he’s said on air and the things he’s left out, and I like how he uses humor. I also tend to agree that he’s not trying to be cute with his food commentary.

If anyone would do a food-related comedy show, I’d watch it. The problem is that he seems to be one of the best talk-show chefs on our current cultural landscape. I don’t necessarily think he’s funny—but he appears to be good at eating. We’re supposed to be watching him because he gets paid to cook, but his show makes me laugh with its dry food commentary.

And then there’s the omelet…

Jamie Oliver began his appearance by talking about his new show (The Art of Low Carbohydrate) and how he’s been cooking his way to success (which, as I’ve mentioned before, he seems to have done pretty well). There was the usual “tasty” description and joke about how he’s a huge fan, and the joke to the effect that his mother is a huge fan.

Then came the

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