Christy and Ashley Christen-Everett are being portrayed as the perfect family

Christy and Ashley Christen-Everett are being portrayed as the perfect family

Chrisley children get biblical in defense of their parents after prison sentencing

Christy and Ashley Christen-Everett are being portrayed in media as Christa and Ashley Everett.

Their parents have not spoken publicly about the case, but their lawyer said they plan to on Wednesday after sentencing.

The children have been portrayed as the perfect family. The children, 13-year-old Ashley and 12-year-old Christy and the husband, 42-year-old Christy’s then-boyfriend, Michael, have been seen as a perfect couple through the media.

On Thursday it was widely reported that a court-appointed lawyer was defending his client, Christa and Michael Christen, saying he represented all three children.

After the Christens were arrested for a drug trafficking charge in July, they were told to give up the children, who are in the custody of the Children’s Services Department.

“I think it’s a shame and a disgrace,” Christine Everett explained to Fox 29, who reported that the judge was not ready to grant the couple bail.

Christy and Ashley’s lawyer, Michael Roeske, told reporters on Thursday that he represents all three of the children. He declined to name the children but said he would make their case public Wednesday.

Christy is serving a 14-year sentence for cocaine trafficking. Ashley is charged with possession of heroin. Michael is serving a two-year prison sentence for drug trafficking.

While his case was pending, the three children were in foster care, and they were living with foster parents in Indiana.

Roeske told reporters he was appointed as the lawyer to the children in 2017 after their parents were arrested. He said he was given a deadline to find an attorney, he was told that he had to get all three children’s cases together by the deadline, and he had to meet each child individually

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