‘White Lotus’ Season Two: What’s Next?

'White Lotus' Season Two: What’s Next?

‘The White Lotus’ returns for Season 2, slowed down and sexed up for a new generation of fans

Season Two of the ‘White Lotus’ is nearly here and we’ve got all the news you need to know about the second season of the hit show.

The season picks up one year after the conclusion of the first season with the White Lotus traveling the world in pursuit of their ultimate goal. As ‘White Lotus’ Season Two begins, we’re treated to new character developments as well as a new cast member in Michael Ciello. In addition, with the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ hitting Netflix, we take a look at the two very different universes and what it means for the upcoming season of ‘White Lotus.’

Season One

After a season full of new characters with new storylines, ‘White Lotus’ Season One, which wrapped up in April 2017, is all about its core characters, which include the original ‘White Lotus’ (Hany Mukoyama), their son Eren (Kenta Maeda) and daughter Taka (Sae Oka), while season two will return to explore the mysterious and magical world ‘The Light.’ “The core of the story remains the same even though each character comes with her own particular set of mysteries,” series creators Shintaro Oishi and Shingo Adachi said in a recent interview with ANN. In our review of Season One, we say goodbye to Marduk (Shingo Adachi) who will be joining ‘The White Lotus’ in season two.

The first season of ‘White Lotus’ premiered in Japanese theaters on April 12, 2017. The series concluded its seven-episode run on June 20.

White Lotus Season Two

“We have been busy for quite some time with the story of the ‘The Light’, so when we were developing a second season, we didn’t worry so much about the time line,” said Oishi and Adachi. “At the same

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