Lost luggage is a problem at Van Nuys Airport

Lost luggage is a problem at Van Nuys Airport

Residents near Van Nuys Airport feel heard, but they’re still angry about lost luggage

“I’m really upset about it, but it makes me feel good,” said Elizabeth, who was traveling with her mother, father, two brothers and a friend.

Sick of missing your favorite bag, a suitcase or a pack, but not being able to retrieve it, or to locate it in a place where you may be able to return it?

That’s what’s been happening around Van Nuys Airport for years now, after a shortage of available space — the result of a plan to merge its two airports into one. In the weeks since the consolidation, lost luggage has been the biggest frustration.

About 2 million people a year cross the nation’s third busiest airport, so the constant disappointment over lost or misplaced items is a familiar feeling for some. But Van Nuys Airport Director Keith Wilson said it’s a problem that’s been coming for some time.

“We’re not quite sure where it all started,” Wilson said.

Wilson said there are a number of factors behind the lost luggage problem. One is that the airport does not have enough available space for all the bags that need to be stored at the airport. Another is that the airport’s main storage area is too far away for luggage carts, which have been used to transfer bags between carriers.

The airport currently does not have a way to return lost or misplaced items, Wilson said: only one option is to have a manager come to retrieve them. The manager must make a note of where the items are in the airport to be returned, he said. The items are then sent to the lost and found department, where they are kept.

“We get people every day who come into the airport with things that just don’t work,” Wilson said.

It should be “no excuse,” Wilson said. The airport should have more storage space. When asked in the past, the airport has provided information about where it

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