Ice Cube says he will never get a shot for COVID-19

Ice Cube says he will never get a shot for COVID-19

Ice Cube says he lost a $9-million movie deal after refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine

Ice Cube says he will never get the shot, and that it is the “last straw” in a long line of lost opportunities.

The rapper, who also released a scathing social media rant against Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday, says he’s not afraid of the coronavirus, despite his fears about getting a shot from the government.

“I’m not afraid of it,” he told USA TODAY in an exclusive phone interview. “I’m not.”

“It’s the last straw in a [long] line of opportunities that I lost,” he added. “What I’m saying is, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.”

The rapper, who was recently honored by the White House with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, said his decision not to get a vaccine is tied to a number of personal reasons.

He started feeling sick as early as March of this year, the month his memoir “My N*gga’s My Business” was released. He later announced to his fans on Instagram that he got tested for COVID-19 twice, which he has not experienced before. After the first attempt, he was told COVID-19 could not be ruled out.

ICE CUBE: COVID-19 is not on my charts, but coronavirus, it’s on my list

He told USA TODAY he also decided to remain away from his longtime home in Atlanta for safety.

“I love my people,” he said. “We really love each other and care for each other, and I’ve said to my family, my friends, my team, ‘I’m coming back home this week.’”

He also had to stay home from work “for safety purposes,” but added he’s never felt better.

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