Swift’s “bear attack” stories have been a shambles

Swift's "bear attack" stories have been a shambles

Taylor Swift feels your pain: She likens fans’ Ticketmaster woes to ‘bear attacks’

The singer posted a link to a tweet from her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Sachs, who wrote, “It can be a drag to receive an email on Monday of the week. Just had this happen to myself,” to which she replied, “I hate it when people write me letters. It reminds me of when my exes would write me letters and I’d hate it. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel much like dealing with people anymore. This post is about me thinking about being a bear and defending myself. My ex wrote me a letter and I thought it was a great idea — to start a war with my exes.”

Swift, who is currently dating the musician Harry Styles (on and off), has been open about the fact that the public has been critical of her since her latest album, “2016,” hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and the backlash has been nothing short of vicious.

The singer recently caused a stir by taking on Twitter trolls, who accused her of being a self-centered, narcissistic individual, in a post titled “No one’s right. No one’s wrong. Everyone has a right to their opinion.”

In an October 2014 tweet, Swift shared what she calls her “bear attack” stories — a way of describing the way in which the Internet and her fans have been able to poke holes in her reputation.

She wrote on Twitter:

“I’ve had an awful lot of people attack me. And, it’s no small matter that I’ve been through this. It’s a huge burden, sometimes, to have so many eyes on you while you’re living your life and acting on your feelings and thoughts. But, the worst thing for them, was for that attack to be validated by the person who wrote it. And, when they were able to use that to validate the attack on me, that really just made it worse for me.”

She elaborated on the “bear attack” concept in another series of tweets, in which she explains how the “criticism [she] received” has “left me feeling like I have nowhere left to go if I do not find a way to move on from this.”

“I have so many friends, all of whom are lovely, lovely people. Everyone has offered

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