Emma Thompson tells audience that Kenneth Branagh is ‘not dead’

Emma Thompson tells audience that Kenneth Branagh is 'not dead'

Emma Thompson was ‘utterly, utterly blind’ to ex-husband Kenneth Branagh’s affairs

Emma was blind to the problems Kenneth’s wife, Claire, was having

Emma Thompson has revealed that the director Kenneth Branagh is ‘not dead’ – despite reports that he is no more.

The Oscar winner, 65, appeared to struggle to walk from her home on Monday after a fall that forced her to go into hospital with a suspected broken spine, and has since been treated at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

She has been treated for symptoms of a heart attack, which she has said are down to stress, and will be spending a month in a rehabilitation centre to recover.

Emma Thompson was forced to go to hospital after being injured when she slipped off a sofa

Emma has revealed she has been experiencing problems including fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and vertigo since the accident

Emma said she has been told she is suffering from a ‘proving ground’ to discover why she suffered an ‘utterly, utterly blind’ reaction to the affair

She told an audience at the Leicester Festival of Literature in a speech entitled ‘Seeing Kenneth’, at the festival which runs through to Saturday, that she is ‘not dead’, despite reports attributing the news to Branagh, 59, who was with his wife, 58, when she fell off a sofa at their home in the English countryside.

Emma’s friend Helen Mirrin said she believed Branagh had died in an accident, but has since said she and the ‘excellent doctor’ who treated her thought it was a ‘broken spine’ and she is now being treated at a rehab centre in England.

According to a report in The Sun, she is to spend a month at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, and is said to be making good progress.

Emma’s fall comes a few months after her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh was arrested on suspicion of sexual offences and in December was placed on Interpol’s Most Wanted list after being reported missing by his family.

He has not been seen since his wife, Hollywood star Claire, made an emergency flight to London from their home in France, and has not been seen since her return to the UK.

Emma Thompson has revealed her fall injury is ‘proving ground’ to discover why she suffered an ‘utterly, utterly blind’ reaction to

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