“I Know You Are” is a Girl Song

“I Know You Are” is a Girl Song

From Dua Lipa to Rosalía: The Meme-fication of the Modern Pop Star

To celebrate the release of her new single, “I Know You Are” off her debut album, Bodega y G”,” in case you were wondering, here’s a song from her debut album. “I Know You are” takes the cake in my opinion. It’s a beautiful, aching, sexy song, with the lyrics, “If I was your girlfriend/ If I was your lover/ I could make you mine/ Just like how it feels to know/ I like you girl/ I like you girl/ I like you girl/ I like you girl/ I like you girl/ I like you girl/ I know you are/ I know you are.” And what makes this particular song so special? It’s totally unlike anything that has come before.

I’ve had a lot of experience with girl songs. “I Know You are” is a girl song. It’s the kind of song where the singer feels free to be honest and to let the other female in her know that she feels the same. While it may not be the kind of sound that a lot of other pop superstars, I’m sure, are used to making, her voice is clear, and she knows how to be vulnerable. She’s got an incredible voice, and she’s really talented.

On the other hand, “I Know You are” is also much different than most girl-boy songs, with its dark undertones, and its very frank, explicit and real lyrics. That to me is one of the greatest parts of the song. It was a song that required a lot of thought to put together and to execute on a song. And to put that song together was no easy task. Because to be honest, I always had a hard time putting together a song for myself or a friend, as I have friends that make really great pop

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