Los Angeles’s Taxes and Taxes

Los Angeles’s Taxes and Taxes

L.A. city voters sent conflicting messages, giving wins to both the left and the center.

Voters approved Measure C in 2001 and Measure H in 2002 in separate runoff elections. Each measure was intended to limit the powers of mayors and other city leaders.

The L.A. Council was also asked to review the city’s fiscal policies and spending practices. All but six members voted to uphold existing laws and taxes. The six did not vote.

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted 6-3 in December to approve Measure Q, a measure to allow the county and city of Los Angeles to sell bonds to finance sewer and other public works projects. But in January, the supervisors voted on a new version, known as Measure QB, raising taxes to pay for more public works.

The City Council has been grappling for years with a $6 billion debt, and the measures for cutting that debt were put to voters this November.

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